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October Blessed

Mellow Fruitfulness

Here in D.C. where the locals don’t even look up when the Presidential chopper thrums over the rooftops, the glory of autumn is sometimes enough to make even the most jaded policy wonks take a moment to inhale the elixir of crisp leaves and hushed fog that signals a tilt in the […]


Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen of The Greening are out now. Read them here.

Leaf Lit

Leaves Before Turning

Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen of my new online fantasy novel, The Greening, are out now. Read them here.

The Harp Unstrung

A Couple of Harpers in 1955

My father died last week.

He had been in poor health for years, suffering with various aches and ailments, undergoing treatments, countless examinations. He was pretty fed up with it all by the time he reached his 89th birthday, when we all came to wish him well, to […]

Vine Time

The green sea rises.

Chapters Eleven and Twelve of The Greening are now out. Read them here.

Burning Blight

So I see that Ang Lee has made a movie out of Yann Martell’s brilliant fantasy The Life of Pi.

This seems a bit ambitious to me, but then, Ang Lee is a genius, so perhaps he can handle it. Yet when I read the book about a boy who survives 227 days in […]

Green With a Twist

Fern Swords

Chapters nine and ten of my new fantasy The Greening are online now. Read on here.

Green Up

Cloud Hoppers

Chapters Seven and Eight of The Greening are up on the site now. Check them out here.

Twenty Percent

Chapters Five and Six of The Greening are now out. Read them here

Lay Down Your Weary Trowel

Peach Chairs

Aaah. Summer’s end. Time for that final dip in the pool, walk on the beach, drink on the deck. Bittersweet, perhaps, but there’s something pleasurable about reaching the end of the row, the turn in the road, the fresh new page.

Labor Day is a freestyle holiday, relatively new as holidays go. […]